consignment contract

Terms and conditions for nice! clothing consignment. Please read carefully:

We gladly accept clothing for consignment Monday thru Friday 11:30am - 2:00pm. PLEASE CALL TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT - WE CAN ACCOMMODATE YOU WITHIN 3-5 DAYS. We would love to take in your clothes, provided they are in great condition, are contemporary styles, clean, pressed and on hangers (we will return your hangers).

Consigners receive 40% of sales proceeds. Please call to get an update on how your stock is selling. Your proceeds will be paid by check, cash, or store credit upon request.

We will price items at a level that is best for both the buyer and the seller. As it is important to keep our stock moving and fresh, we reserve the right to reduce the price of items after a minimum of three weeks. Please note that while nice! will do our utmost to care for your items while they are consigned here, we cannot be held liable for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

We will keep you items for 60 days. Items can be reclaimed at any time; however, if they are not claimed at 60 days from the date they were taken in, they will be donated to charity. Please note that if you choose to collect your unsold items, it is your responsibility to pull these off the racks (We will help you if the shop is not too busy at the time).

nice! will make a list of your items and this is kept in the file under your account number. Please inspect your clothes carefully before bringing them to us! nice! reserves the right to donate items that upon further inspection have damage such as moth holes, stains, rips or mold.